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EP-2808-1ZRC RF


Epic’s RGB LED controller is a new and enhanced product that will enable you to wirelessly control any color changing LED lighting system. EP-2808-1ZRC includes a receiver and a wireless remote capable of transmitting signals up to 100 feet away.

Epic’s EP-2808-1ZRC contains new control features found only in high end products:  Full and precise control of colors with fine chromaticity control, full spectrum color selection, brightness control, and much more! The EP-2808-1ZRC receiver can handle more power than its predecessor, which is useful for demanding installations. Each receiver can handle up to 5 Amps per channel and is also very flexible when working with different LED installations as it can work seamlessly with systems that operate in any voltage ranging from 12 to 36V DC.

Operating Voltage 12-36V DC
Max Power 540W at 36V DC
Warranty 3 Years
Weight .35 Lbs
Size Receiver: 7"X1.8"X.8"- Remote: 5.5"X.25"X1.5"
Output Voltage Variable PWM 12-36V DC
Mostly used in 3 Channel LED Control
IP Rating IP33
Control System Triac PWM
RGB Channels 3 (Red, Gren, Blue)
Product Color Denim Black remote, White receiver
Working Temperature -20-140F
Certificates CE, RoHS

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  • Operating Voltage: 3VDC (Battery Included)
  • Operation frequency:433.92MHZ
  • 10 control functions
  • Overload protection
  • 3 channels
  • Operation voltage: 12-36VDC
  • Operation max current: 3ch x 5A
  • Output power: 3ch x (180-540W)
  • 10 Fading effects programs with selectable speed control: From 2 seconds to 8.5 minutes.
  • Create your own color by using the adjustable color levels on each channel.
  • Choose different colors by using the Rainbow picker function.
  • Easily select from 7 predefined Colors (Red-Blue-Green-Orange-Yellow-Cyan-Purple).
  • Create 3 tones of white light: Warm White, Daylight White and Cold White.
  • 256 levels of brightness levels.
  • Smooth and even color fading programs without any flickering.
  • Slender and silky hand held wireless RF remote controller with powerful on-board functions.
  • Enabled to pause at any color during color changing modes.
  • Individual Color buttons allow separate smooth color adjustments of each color.
  • Receiver can work as master or Slave for simple or complex installations.


RF Touch RGB remote controller is a wireless color controlling system that consists of a sender and a receiver or several receivers, as shown in Figure 1, 2: By selecting switch status, you can set the system as RGB 3-channel output, or RGBW 4-channel output. Using RF Touch RGB remote controller, you can get whatever color you want; you can choose any color from RGB(W) to adjust so as to mix more than 100 million kinds of colors. With built-in 1 kind of color changing mode, you can easily switch color changing modes and adjust speed and brightness. “Function Pause” enables RGB LED to stay at your favorite color under the situation of color changing modes, which operation is simple but functional.

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EP-2810-4Z-RC RF


Epic’s Programmable RGB LED Controller is a new generation of controllers that provides functions not available before. Epic’sEP-2810-4Z-RC is able to control any color changing LED light system, with the added capability to create your own color changing programs and assign them individually or in group to any of 4 different zones. Each zone have have a personalized program, and each program can have up to 10 different steps or color transitions.

Until now, any installation that had many lights in different parts of the installation required individual control systems for each zone of the LED Lighting installation. Now, you can control up to 4 different zones with just one central wireless control system.

Operating Voltage 12-36V DC
Max Power 540W at 36V
Warranty 3 Years
Weight .40 Lbs
Size (Receiver 7" X .75" X 1.75")
Output Voltage 12-36V DC PWM
Mostly used in Control of RGB LED Lights
IP Rating IP33
Control System PWM Triac
RGB Channels 3
Product Color Denim Black remote and white receiver
Working Temperature 35-145F
Certificates CE-RoHs

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  • Control up to 4 different zones individually or in group
  • Create your own color transitions for each zone
  • Control saturation levels for each color or Zone
  • Turn ON/OFF each Zone individually or in group
  • Dimm 0-100% each zone individually
  • Recall saved programs easily
  • Control brightness and saturation levels for each zone
  • Control Program speed on each zone
  • Use the Color Wheel function to set colors easily
  • Each zone can have up to 10 different steps of color effects
  • 10 Pre-programed color changing effects included
  • Wireless transmission up to 100 feet away
  • Color Touch wheel
  • Denim Black Silk remote
  • 3 X AAA batteries required
  • 430Mhz Transmission protocol
  • Auto shut off after 10 seconds


EP-2806-10Z-RC RF


Epic´s 10 Zone RGB-W wireless controller is perfect to control 10 different zones with just one remote control.

Thanks to its color wheel its easy to select any color for each zone, also the color can be fined tuned with the extra control buttons.

This 4 channel controller can control 3 standard RGB channel + 1 white channel, which is specifically designed for new fixtures in the market that include a 4th channel for white control.

- Wireless 430Mhz Transmission Protocol
- Up to 100 ft transmission strength
- Auto OFF for battery longevity
- 2 AAA Batteries needed for operation (Not Included)

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- Control individually up to 10 receptors (Not Included)
- Control up to 10 receptors in group all at once
- Brightness levels can be controlled for each individual color/zone
- Programs with chase effects through all zones
- Memory function remembers last scene selected on all zones
- On/Of switch of individual zones or all lights
- Color Saturation can be controlled on each zone




Solid Apollo’s RGB 4 Channel PWM data amplifier/repeater is normally used with RGB LED strips, RGB Modules, RGB LED lights etc, and lets you add more lights to your  RGB Controller and control those extra lights with the same RGB control.  This Data repeater/power amplifier has 4 channels, 3 of them normally used for Red Green and Blue (RGB) and the fourth one used for White. This is very handy for LED Lights that have white light as well as RGB lights.

Dimmable Yes
Operating Voltage 12 to 36V DC
Warranty 3 Years
Weight 0.4 lbs
Size 7" X 2· X 3/4"
Output Voltage 12-36V DC PWM
Mostly used in RGB Signal Amplification
IP Rating IP33
Control System Triac PWM
RGB Channels 4 X 5A
Product Color White
Working Temperature -30 to 100F
Certificates CE, Rohs

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Main Functions:
- Increase the number of RGB LED lights to be controlled
- Amplify RGB signal in long distances
- Amplify Dimming signals in single color led strip
- Expand power capabilities of any RGB Controller
- Expand power capabilities of any LED Dimmer.

Technical Specs:
-12 to 36V DC power operation
- Max Load 12V: 60W per channel or 240W 4 Channels
- Max Load 24V: 120W per channel or 480W 4 Channels
- Over current and over voltage protection 



This wireless RF remote controller allows you to connect to our RGB LED strip to display fancy illumination at you home, hotel, display showcase, dance room, customize signage and etc. It comes with a main controller for you to connect to any common anode RGB LED strip and a RF remote with a 12V battery included. The controller can provide up to a maximium of 4A per channel. It also provide a plug-in
terminal block for easy installation.

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• Reliable & stable switch and dimming control function, control range >20M.
• Battery in the remote is with long life span. It normally can use for 5 years.
• Switch on/off of lightings slowly, without any flash, meet the comfort of human eyes.
• Dimming range 0.1-100%.
• Use with power repeater to expand the output power unlimitedly.
• 256 levels logarithmic dimming, ideal for human eye sensitivity to lighting, dimming smoothly without any flash.
• Enable to control 1 zone
• Rotary adjustment, simple and friendly-use.

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Panel controller controller adopts the advanced micro-control unit,it is used for controlling a variety of lamp whose source of
light is LED. For instance, point source of light,flexible strip light, wall washer lamp, glass curtain wall light and so on. It has many advantages such as easy connection and simplicity to use; According to the actual need of customers,it can carry out jumpy changing,gradual changing,stroboflash and other effects of change.

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EP-2820-4Z-WMC touch panel (For RGBW) is high sensitive glass touch panel, which has 4 different zones. It can get Red/Green/ Blue/ White color directly. The wall mounted controller can save up to 4 colors or 4 modes into corresponding buttons (1-4buttons) for each zone. You can choose any color through color wheel. any finishing color could be customized. This wall switch is suitable for any RGB or RGBW LED lightings for home club bar etc.

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